COVID19 Summer Campaign

The campaign ‘Que corri l’aire’ originally from Tarragona Town Council is a graphic campaign aimed at raising awareness in the city’s citizens to keep a safe distance from each other during the first summer of the pandemic.

The campaign is based on the titular phrase, a Catalan expression that means, with a humorous twist, that two people should allow a gap between them, not be ‘stuck together’ and serves as a metaphor to encourage people to
respect a safe distance.

In conjunction with the agency Amor De Marca, I have looked after the graphic side, illustrating the campaign with elements not only representing the Covid epidemic but also the city of Tarragona without losing touch with the graphic style and voice of Tarragona Town Hall.

Year: 2020
Client: Amor de Marca, Ajuntament de Tarragona
Country: Spain, Catalonia
Project: Visual Direction for the COVID19 Summer Campaign
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